Uganda Tours
I. 6 Days _ Uganda Gorillas & Wildlife tours

In this tour package,you get a chance of tracking : 1. Mountain gorillas in Bwindi impenetrable forest or ,2. Chimpnzees in Kibale National Park and visit Bigodi wetland, 3. Boat cruise in Kazinga channel where you interact with hippos as well as 4. enjoying wildlife game drive in Quen Elisabeth National Park. This tour allows you to explore Kampala,capital city of Uganda as well as other destinations within.

II. 12 days _ Uganda – Rwanda Gorillas tracking and wildlife tour.

In this tour package,you get a chance of discovering the beuaty of Uganda ,the peal of Africa as well the beautfull landscapes of the land of thusants hill, Rwanda or Swiztland of Africa. The attractions that are in this tour package include : On Uganda side:

1. Mountain gorillas in Bwindi impenetrable forest or visiting Mgahinga Gorilla National park
2. Chimpnzees in Kibale National Park and Bigodi wetland
3. Boat cruise in Kazinga channel where you interact with hippos as well as landscape viewing
4. Enjoying wildlife game drive in Quen Elisabeth National Park which is known to harbour many savanah animals including climbing Lions .
5. Appart from this, we offer to our vsitors opportunity of visiting famous Murchison Falls, where the waters of the Nile River squeeze through a narrow gorge as well as viewing different species of wildlife mammals. On Rwanda

Mountain Gorillas tracking : This is the most popular activity and is one of the most memorable experience that you could never forget in your life ! these mountain gorillas found in Virunga massif, a contiguous park shared by Rwanda,Uganda and DRC as well as in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park which is in Uganda,but not far from virunga massif. These are giant primates that live only in virunga massif of Rwanda,Uganda and RDC.
In case visitors have more time and more interest in wildlife adventure,there is an opportunity for them to visit ; 1.Golden monkeys, 2.Bisoke crater lake, and 3. Dian Fossey Tomb,an American biologist who dedicated her life to studying these mountain Gorillas since 1967 to 1985 when she passed away.
This tour package also help people to interact with fauna and flora species in the tropical forest to enjoy and understand tropical forest structure and its rich biodiversity.The atractions that will be seen include 1. Chimpanzees tracking in Nyungwe National Park 2. Forest Canopy adventure 3. Tropical water fall and 4 . Colobus monkeys tracking .
In addition to this , we provide to our visitors an opportunity of visiting Akagera National Park , to allow them see the big five such as 1. Elephants,2. Buffaloes,3. Rhinoceros ,4. leopard,5. Lions and different savanah animals like Giraffe,Zebra, Impalas and Crocodiles,Hippopotamus and different birds species

III. 7 days _ Uganda Birdwatching tour

During this tour package,we provide to our visitors an opportunity of visiting over 1000 bird species from different Uganda’s hot spot for birders. Among species that would be encounted include famous and rare shoebill ,Red billed Dwarf ,Black-headed Gonolek ,white crested hornibill...etc. Near by Accomodations:

. Budget . Custom and . Luxury . Camping site
Photos........ for some birds from that site

From Entebbe aiport,our staff will take you to the place where you will spend a night before heading to brid watching in the next morning .
Day 1 : Uganda wildlife Education Center and Entebbe Botanical Garden.
What to see : Golden backed weaver,Gabar gaoshawk,banded snake eagle ,African fish eagle ,bare faced go away,sun birds......etc

Day2 : Mabamba Papyrus Swamp.
What to see: Shoebill , lesser Jacan, African pygmy goose , Squacco Heron ,African Jacan,....etc

Day 3 : Travel to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park
What to see : Different bird species such as western green tinkerbird ,wood land warbler , white browed crombec , african hill babbler..etc.

Day 4 : Birding in Bwindi Forest
What to see: Albertine rift indemics bird species like red faced woodland warbler ,Mountain masked apalis , yellow eyed black flycatcher,red throated alethe....etc.

Day 5 : Travel to Lake Bunyonyi through Kigezi highlands.
What to see: Scenic view and Surrounding environment of Bunyonyi Lake also known as little birds.

Day 6 : Birding at Lake Bunyonyi.
What to see : Explore the Surrounding area and island from water as well as different bird species , from 40 to 50 bird species like Chested sunbird,Swamp flycatcher , scarlet –chested sunbird.

Day 7 : Travel to Entebbe for preparation of departure. What to see: This journey will aloow you to see Kabale town ,Marara town,Igongo Culture center,the equetor as well as hand crafts shops where you will be able to buy souvenirs from African artists.

III. Source of River Nile, Jinja:

The longest river in the world

Jinja is often reffered to as the adventure capital of East Africa. It was a former industrial capital of Uganda and now common destination for tourists from across the world that come simply to adventure. At the centre stage of almost all the adventures in Jinja is the River Nile. It is declared as one of the 7 Natural wonders of Africa.
River Nile is the world’s longest river stretching 6,650km, crossing 10 countries in Northern Africa. It has its source market right before Lake Victoria – the world’s second largest fresh water lake, still in Jinja. As much as several places could claim the rightful sources of the Nile none of them fits the pedigree like the source of Nile In Jinja.
Going by the findings of John Hannington Speke, the first European Explorer to have discovered this source, 30% of the water comes from underground at an area a few meters from Lake Victoria. There are bubbles at this spot that indicates there is water coming from the underground. The remaining 70% is contributed by other sources including Lake Victoria which is the biggest contributor of them all.


1: Make a boat trip to the famous Source of the Nile River 2. White water Rafting , 3. Kayaking , 4. Jet-Boating , 5.Bungee Jumping,6 Tubing , 7.Sunset Cruise , 8.Horseback riding , 9. Bicycle tour , 10.Recreational fishing , 11.Nature walk , 12.Birding , 13.Quad Biking , 14.River surfing , 15.Shoping crafts and souvenir, 16.Take pictures

What to see at the source

Water bubbles at the source of river Nile , The beautiful Sezibwa falls , Lake Victoria , Locally handmade crafts , Mahatma Ghandi statue , Local boats and fishermen , A bridge for the Uganda Railway crossing over the Nile Channel , Birds.
What To see Along the journey from Kampala to Nile source, Jinja
Mabira forest, the rain forest in the central region of Uganda & a true African tropical jungle. Monkeys, forest birds, plats, tropical trees & flowers Jinja Town – fomer industrial capital , Old colonial, Asian & African homes , Bujagali Dam & Lake , The newly constructed Nile Bridge – One of its kind in Africa , Tea Plantations , Samuka Islands, Highways & bird sanctuary.

V. 6 days Murchson Falls tours

In this tour pacage,we offer to our visiots opportunity of visiting Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary for seeing rhinos saved from extinction in the 80’s as well as more than 300 bird species which found in savanah and swamps within this sanctuary. Appart from this, we offer to our vsitors opportunity of visiting famous Murchison Falls, where the waters of the Nile River squeeze through a narrow gorge as well as viewing different species of wildlife mammals.

Day 1: Entebbe - Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary
Day 2: Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary - Masindi
Day 3: Masindi - Murchison Falls National Park
Day 4: Murchison Falls National Park
Day 5: Murchison Falls National Park
Day 6: Murchison Falls NP - Entebbe for departure.



In this package, we provide our visitors an opportunity of photographying different wildlife that we have in national parks as well as beautful scenic views and land scapes inside or out side the protected areas in Uganda.

All our tour packeges and Itineraries can be tweaked according to your opinion for suiting your needs and expectations!