Wild reign Africa , Conservation program

A frica has many Protected Areas which are very rich in biodiversity , including a large number of endemic species.Apart from being used as tourism destinations , they provide refuge / habitat for many animal and plants species as well as different ecological services needed by human in daily life.

Many of those PAs are located in most densely populated areas. Due to human activities, high population density and other different reasons,they suffer from a high degree of direct and indirect threats to the entire ecosystem. Disturbance ,degradation and destruction of natural resources within those PAs is reading to devastating results .

The purpose of this program is to fight back human activities which are ravaging biodiversity in and around protected areas such as deforestation , firewood collection,timber extraction, forest crearance , land conversion for agriculture , Incroachment , Pollution , Poaching , grazing andBush fire.


This will be done through different approach such as : Conservation Awareness campain among communities around PAs Working with / Sponsoring some of community cooperatives around PAsthrough creation of grassroots activities for supporting sustainable conservation. Developing Research Projects for providing Research - based solutions on threats found in PAs.

The results will be disseminated and shared through local and national Reports, workshops and publications for raising public awareness on biodiversity conservation status with a focus on threatened species, their habitats and their importance to ecosystems .

This will allow PA s managers and decision makers to put in place relevant measures and decisions for sustainable conservation.

For achieving this, we will use part of income that will be generated by tourism activities , donations and talents of Wild Reign Africa, tour & travel company visitors , friends and partners.

Your contribution and partnership will help us to fulfill our dreams for conserving biodiversity for both sustainable tourism and the future generations!